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What? So What? And now What?

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AWS certified solution architect associate

AWS certified solution architect associate 🔗 Region: is a geographical zone that have a at least two AZ who are autonomous from each other. AZ (Availability Zones): a datacenter, in a region, with all that needs to be able to run the services Edge locations: small servers all around the world, that serve content from CloudFront for geo caching. 1 IAM 🔗 Users: A user, they will not have access to the console if we don’t check the option Groups: group of user that inherit the policies of the group Roles: services in AWS can have roles, that have policies allowing to access to some services Policies: actual permissions allowing or denying access to a resource Always AWS give least possible privilege New created users will have 0 permissions by default IAM Policies 🔗ARN 🔗 amazon resource name begins with arn:partition:service:region:account_id: partition => aws or something in china service => s3, ec2, rds account_id 12 digit example arn:aws:iam::123456789012:user/mark arn:aws:iam:::bucket/image.

CCDAK (Confluente Certified Developer for Apache Kafka) Notes == Cloud.Guru

CCDAK (Confluente Certified Developer for Apache Kafka) 🔗1 Introduction 🔗1.1 Installation 🔗 Kafka need around 6Gb of JVM Heap Space kafka-topics --list --bootstrap-server localhost:9092 # get the list of topics 1.2 What is Kafka 🔗What is: publish and subscribe to streams of data records store the records in a fault-tolerant and scalable fashion Process streams of records in real-team Kafka can be used to: messaging streaming Strong points: very reliable (not losing data) Fault tolerance robust API 1.

AWS App runner

#TIL AWS App runner 🔗Is like BeansTalk but for containers. You just provide the code, and App Runner does the rest (ECR, Fargate, Load Balance… even build the service ) More info https://semaphoreci.com/blog/aws-app-runner


neovim-config 🔗Followed the Youtube series of neovim from scratch. Here are some notes I took :) To install just clone the repository into ~/.config/nvim/ During first execution, is normal that something is missing… Just execute :PackerInstall Execute :LSPInstall to install LspClients notes 🔗We are using lua, that means we have the configuration spread around the files, and importing them in the init.lua What are AutoCmd 🔗Are scripts that can be executed when specific events happens, for example we could set to reload the plugins, each time the plugins.

Github Actions - Push to AWS container repository (ECR)

We all know the benefits of pushing code automatically to production, here is a small guide on how to do it with Github actions and AWS. The high level steps are: Create a docker image repository in AWS ( ECR ) Create a single user in AWS that only has permissions to add images to the ECR Configure login of the pipeline into AWS Configure the pipeline to do the push Step 1 - Create a docker image repository 🔗For use of all this code, we are going to use AWS-CDK a library to create infrastructure from our code.

Export google authenticator to KeepassXC

Export from google authenticator an account you want (you should have now a QR Code) convert the QR code to a link, I used qr journal. brew install qr-journal Once done we should have an url with an schema that starts by otpauth-migration://… Migrate to normal OTP code, luckily there is this project https://github.com/dim13/otpauth go get github.com/dim13/otpauth ~/go/bin/otpauth -link "otpauth-migration://.... Now we should have another url with a query parameter secret=…… We can go to Keepass, select our password entry, right click and setup the TOTP with the secret!

Mute status of zoom in the OSX bar

Lately I have a bunch of meeting and I like to do “other” stuff while listening, and also be able to contribute at the speed of a single key-stroke. Zoom already has this functionality, Cmd-Shift-A is the keystroke for toggling mute/unmute state. By default it’s not set to be globally, but you can make globally in zoom settings. So that’s it? sadly no, since I don’t have zoom in the front of the screen, I don’t know when I am already muted or not…

VSCode code in containers

You can now use containers to develop with visual studio code, might seem like a small think, but being well executed idea makes a big difference. https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/remote/containers

Book - Influence

Influence 🔗0. Provide a Reason when asking for a favor 🔗1. Contrast principle 🔗When showed one after another, difference seems bigger How is exploited? Some times sellers will show you something way expensive, and there something “just” expensive. but by the contrast, seems much cheaper 2. Reciprocation 🔗If somebody does you a favor, we feel in debt. This can trick you into doing something you would not normally do, just to feel free of debt