Connect to your linux PC from anywhere

Connect to your linux PC from anywhere Sometimes you sjust need access to your local network from anyplace, in particular I want to have access to my emacs from anyplace, yes I could use a machine in a VPS or termux. But I also want to have access to particular processes that are currently running. Normally that would mean installing openvpn server, configure it, make it start at boot time… too much to work to do!

Configuring emacs with doom emacs

Emacs with doom emacs After having used spacemacs, then vanilla emacs, suffered during months to make it work with all the languages, then going back to spacemacs… you can see, emacs is a journey… that never ends… feels like a pathologica goal, masochistic, now with doom-emacs will be the same xD but I'm trying any way. One of the best selling points of doom-emacs is that feels really curated, it's fast (all the modes load in a lazy fashion) and also feels complete.

Bagging / Boosting and Stacking — with diagrams

As you already know, the way to get the best results using Machine Learning is to use multiple models and combine them to create better models that each single models alone. Mainly there are three types of ways of combining them, but yeah… the names are just horrible and always lead to confusion… WTF does Bagging means? and yeah! sure I want to Boost my model but how?! I’m so confused!

LtW 1 — Learned this Week

ADB keys Android uses adb to comunicate you computer with the device, and for authenticating the comunication it uses RSA keys in the same fashion as SSH. When you connect the device to your computer in Development mode a nice “allow this computer” alert appears. After you accept your public key of adb (located at $HOME/.android/ will be copied into the device as an authorized computer. When building AOSP you can add your own public key at /adb_keys or /data/misc/adb_keys and never be asked to use adb.

HammerSpoon — Workflow automation in Mac

Today I want to talk about the tool I had used more in 2017, HammerSpoon has more usage in my computer than Chrome! It’s my window manager, my application launcher and basically can automate almost any task in it. So what is it? Hammerspoon makes accessible is just a wrapper of a bunch of obj-c API’s for accessibility, keybindings, windows, httpRequest, timers etc… and you can use them from a simple Lua program.

KZK Weekly — Issue #6

Software Development Web Scraping in 2017: Advanced Headless Chrome Tips & Tricks With the new chrome in headless mode, scrapping projects are now able to do whatever they want. Google shows off ARCore Android is now releasing a new framework ARCore for virtual reality, in conjunction with iOS ARKit seems that this might be the VR year for mobile devices Lab with Kubernetes and Traefik on Raspberry— WTF Auto Layout?

KZK Weekly — Issue #4

Software Development Kubernetes at GitHub | GitHub Engineering— How github is moving all their infrastructure to kubernetes puppeteer: Headless Chrome Node API— A node API to control the new headless chrome How The Android Image Loading Library Glide and Fresco Works?— 30+ Bite-Sized Pro Tips to Become a Better Android Developer— Becoming an Android developer is easy, but becoming a successful Android developer and standing out from the rest is not.

KZK Weekly — Issue #3

We are back! This is third issue with a lot of articles, specially in the ML world. Hope you enjoy!### Software Development An introduction to Android Instant Apps— Instant Apps aim to help bring users into the best native app experience as quickly as possible by downloading only parts of an application when they need them. Why you should totally switch to Kotlin — Magnus Vinther — Medium— Architecture Components: Improve Your App’s Design — YouTube—www.

KZK Weekly — Issue #2

This week after the IO’17 we got a lot of new things to show! specially the new coding language for Android and a lot more stuff in the Android world. Hope you find all this interesting and again if you want to share I will really appreciate it!### Software Development [Introduction to Kotlin (Google I/O] (’17) — Session on the Google IO — 2017 to begin learning the tips and tricks of the Kotlin language.

KZK — Issue #1

Hi and welcome to the first issue of this newsletter!! I really hope you find some interesting articles here, please if you know somebody that might like the newsletter please share with them!!! I hope to make this newsletter in a weekly base, but you know… I don’t want to feel forced to, so maybe some issues will be bi-weekly or maybe monthly in the worst cases! And finally if you found some links you want to share with the rest of community or you want that next issues to be more focused on specific theme just tell me.

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