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Recent Awesome 🔗Is similar to github trending page, but for items in awesome lists. It’s composed on two basic parts Crawler: a job executed daily (using github actions?) to parse the awesome lists. The idea is to get some information as (awesome list, category in the list, link to the resource, date added to the list) a simple webpage that could get the json and show you the lastest additions Crawler 🔗First milestone is be able to get the for a sample awesome list (for example this: https://github.

Mute status of zoom in the OSX bar

Lately I have a bunch of meeting and I like to do “other” stuff while listening, and also be able to contribute at the speed of a single key-stroke. Zoom already has this functionality, Cmd-Shift-A is the keystroke for toggling mute/unmute state. By default it’s not set to be globally, but you can make globally in zoom settings. So that’s it? sadly no, since I don’t have zoom in the front of the screen, I don’t know when I am already muted or not…

Disposable e-mail

emaildrop.io 🔗 There is a lot of pages that as you to register to get some free product, it’s just annoying… people around me have a trash e-mail account but I never did, you know fucking laziness xD. Anyway there is this service https://www.emaildrop.io/ that generates random email addresses without any hassle!