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Export google authenticator to KeepassXC

Export from google authenticator an account you want (you should have now a QR Code) convert the QR code to a link, I used qr journal. brew install qr-journal Once done we should have an url with an schema that starts by otpauth-migration://… Migrate to normal OTP code, luckily there is this project https://github.com/dim13/otpauth go get github.com/dim13/otpauth ~/go/bin/otpauth -link "otpauth-migration://.... Now we should have another url with a query parameter secret=…… We can go to Keepass, select our password entry, right click and setup the TOTP with the secret!

Mute status of zoom in the OSX bar

Lately I have a bunch of meeting and I like to do “other” stuff while listening, and also be able to contribute at the speed of a single key-stroke. Zoom already has this functionality, Cmd-Shift-A is the keystroke for toggling mute/unmute state. By default it’s not set to be globally, but you can make globally in zoom settings. So that’s it? sadly no, since I don’t have zoom in the front of the screen, I don’t know when I am already muted or not…

VSCode code in containers

You can now use containers to develop with visual studio code, might seem like a small think, but being well executed idea makes a big difference. https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/remote/containers

Book - Influence

Influence 🔗0. Provide a Reason when asking for a favor 🔗1. Contrast principle 🔗When showed one after another, difference seems bigger How is exploited? Some times sellers will show you something way expensive, and there something “just” expensive. but by the contrast, seems much cheaper 2. Reciprocation 🔗If somebody does you a favor, we feel in debt. This can trick you into doing something you would not normally do, just to feel free of debt

NVM for java?

NVM for Java 02-01-2021: #TIL 🔗::: anki 868eb7dc-c934-4dc1-ac6c-9931b0364dbf SDKMAN is a java version manager #Flashcard ::: curl -s "https://get.sdkman.io" | bash sdk list sdk install java

Atlantis - terraform commands in Pull requests

atlantis - terraform 01-27-2021: #TIL 🔗::: anki 98fa3d44-4b25-40a0-8107-f15af4ac4616 What is atlantis, is a open source that allow you to send commands to the github for doing terraform plan/apply #Flashcard ::: https://www.runatlantis.io/

Vuex for Redux devs

Vuex for Redux devs! 🔗Vuex as redux is a state manager, with the pattern of having the whole state separate from the UI. This way, rendering is a pure function of the state DOM = render(vuex_state). Also you create specific functions (actions) you can call from the UI to modify the state So far, is the same with Redux, and for everything else is just the same, with names changed everywhere.

Screenshot to clipboard on Mac

Screenshot to clipboard on Mac 01-14-2021 🔗 When capturing using Shift + Cmd + F4 in the touchbar you can select where you want to store the file it can be the clipboard Yeay! no more Desktop filled with dummy screenshots!

GildedRose Refactoring Kata 01-13-2021

GildedRose Refactoring Kata 01-13-2021: #TIL 🔗::: anki 04a33975-212f-4087-80d4-e0d909efc835 GildedRose is a kata to practice your refactoring skills #Flashcard ::: https://github.com/emilybache/GildedRose-Refactoring-Kata

Kitty terminal cheatsheet

Ctrl + Shift + T -> Open new tab Ctrl + Shift + Q -> closes tab Ctrl + Shift + (left or right) -> move between tabs Ctrl + Alt + Shift + t -> set title of the tab Ctrl + Shift + Enter -> Create a new window Ctrl + Shift + l -> change layout Ctrl + Shift + v -> paste from clipboard (specially interesting from linux)