Export google authenticator to KeepassXC

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  1. Export from google authenticator an account you want (you should have now a QR Code)
  2. convert the QR code to a link, I used qr journal.
    1. brew install qr-journal
    2. Once done we should have an url with an schema that starts by otpauth-migration://
  3. Migrate to normal OTP code, luckily there is this project https://github.com/dim13/otpauth
    1. go get github.com/dim13/otpauth
    2. ~/go/bin/otpauth -link "otpauth-migration://....
    3. Now we should have another url with a query parameter secret=……
  4. We can go to Keepass, select our password entry, right click and setup the TOTP with the secret!