NVM fast in mac

Posted on Jan 8, 2021

I normally use nvm to have multiple node versions, a lot of projects need older versions of node etc…

but nvm makes zsh load extreamly slow… and this just irritates me xD

here are the steps to install nvm, and configure it to load nvm not in the start of the shell, but only when we execute node.

credits to https://til-engineering.nulogy.com/Slow-Terminal-Startup-Tip-Lazy-Load-NVM/

  1. Install nvm with brew
brew install nvm
  1. configure nvm in your .zshrc
lazynvm() {
  unset -f nvm node npm npx
  export NVM_DIR=~/.nvm
  [ -s "/usr/local/opt/nvm/nvm.sh" ] && . "/usr/local/opt/nvm/nvm.sh" # This loads nvm

nvm() {
  nvm $@
node() {
  node $@
npm() {
  npm $@

npx() {
  npx $@