Connect to your linux PC from anywhere

Posted on Feb 16, 2020

Connect to your linux PC from anywhere

Sometimes you sjust need access to your local network from anyplace, in particular I want to have access to my emacs from anyplace, yes I could use a machine in a VPS or termux. But I also want to have access to particular processes that are currently running.

Normally that would mean installing openvpn server, configure it, make it start at boot time… too much to work to do!!!!

Hopefully there are a couple of docker openvpn server that are ready to use, the idea would to create a container that have all the configuration and is started together with docker (so at boot time) and easy to configure.

I recommend you to follow the instructions in the readme, the following script is just for me (I don't want to read it again, so I will execute and hope for the best :D)

Note: You will need to have a public ddns/ip for this to work… you can use for that. actually there is also some dockers that you can make start on boot and send your current public ip.

Configuring it

git clone
cd docker-ipsec-vpn-server

./ jordi

save the password and the shared secret to your password manager. Now it's time to setup the android vpn.

  • Setting

  • Wifi & Internet

  • VPN

  • Create new connection

  • server address: public ip (or if you use noip the dns you have)

  • Type: IPSec Xauth PSK

  • IPSec pre-shared key: shared secret

  • username: jordi

  • password: password